AMA Provides Martial Arts Services to Instructors and Students who enjoy competition,
training, certification and developing martial arts relationships nationwide.
The American Martial Arts Alliance (AMA) was formed in response to the growing need for a quality service
organization that assists instructors with martial arts training, hosting successful events that both
instructors and students alike can enjoy and providing certification to students, black belts and instructors.
The AMA is committed to promoting the safety and quality of martial arts. Our goal is to provide
students with good opportunities to train with other martial arts students for other areas, give them
a venue to compete with other martial artist in a safe and fair way and provide authentic certification
that is overseen by a Master's Council. We offer sanctioned tournaments with a state and
national rating system, and teach seminars and training camps that will help the martial arts student
improve his or her abilities. The American Martial Arts Alliance is a family organization with
family values, offering the highest quality martial arts training and certification found anywhere in the
There are many other benefits of being a member of the AMA , and we look forward to meeting your
needs! Additionally, our desire is to unite TaeKwon-Do and Karate schools and enable instructors
to enhance their programs by networking with fellow school
American Martial Arts Alliance
Congratulations to our newest AMA 7th Degree Black Belt:
Master Jerry Lindsey!!!
American Martial Arts Alliance
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